Serenity House, LLC... relax, breathe, harmonize into balance  
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 Serenity House ,LLC ... Relax, Breathe, Harmonize into Balance   
~ With Shamaness Whitefeather

     Rev. Dr. Karen McCann, DD, DSH, MSN, RN, BC-PNP, APN-BC     Raven Polosky - assistant
                                   Cynthya Cortina - assistant

Ancient Healings at Serenity House come from a 70,000
year lineage of Healers, 
Herbalist, Earth Nature Teachers, Nature's Storytellers and Shamans/Shamaness'
Come bring the Joy & Balance back into your Life

  Private Appointments Scheduled:  
Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm
                                      Call for an Appointment: 732-323-9507

Applications Now being Accepted for 2015 Classes: 
  • Master Herbalist Certification Program - Begins May 11th
  • Master Shamanism Program - Begins May 20th 
  • 1 - Year Herbology Certification Program - Begins June 1st
  • Awakening the Feminine Consciousness - Begins June 23rd
Email for Applications:

In the Mist of Manchester, New Jersey ~

White Lotus Healing within 'The Wheel of Life',  Shamanism, Spiritual Counseling,  Life Coaching, Personal Spiritual Evolution.

Serenity House sits among the trees.  A place to find yourself again.  To find the inner self that is blissful & whole. 

Serenity House is a Sacred Place for healing and transformation by the Ancient Knowledge of Natural Medicine.   

Some of our Healings incorporate:

Natural Healing Sessions

Healing Mandala Therapy TM
Reiki Sessions 
Shamanic Healings, Teachings 
Nutritional Guidance
Spiritual Counseling/Coaching
Ancient Shamanic Journey & Drumming Circles
Natural Healing Classes
Reiki Certification Courses
Ayurvedic Courses
Herbology Workshops
And so much more....

So come on in and take a Peaceful Stroll.....    

Please Visit Us On Facebook at:

'Serenity House Shamans' is a Sacred Place for Daily Inspiration on Facebook.  Go to Facebook and type in 'Serenity House Shamans' and ask to be a member.

Namaste.... In the Light of the Dharma,
Shamaness Whitefeather
Rev.Dr. Karen Whitefeather McCann


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