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  Serenity House, llc ... Relax, Breathe, Harmonize into Balance
                               ~ With Shamaness Whitefeather
           Rev. Dr. Karen McCann, DD, DSH, MSN, RN, APN-C, CPNP-C

      Where the pureness of
     Ancient Natural & Holistic Healings in Shamanism evolves 

Private Appointments Scheduled:  Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm
                                   Call for an Appointment: 732-323-9507

Applications Now being Accepted 

1 - Year Herbology Program

2 -Year Program ~
The Art of Shamanism: A Personal Journey

Email for Applications:

 In the Mist of Manchester, New Jersey ~ Harmony healing within 'The Wheel of Life' Energy Healing,                        Shamanism, Spiritual Counseling,  Life Coaching, Personal Spiritual Evolution.

Welcome to Serenity House  
            ...Relax, Breathe, Harmonize in Balance 

Serenity House  is here to help create the Sacredness within ourselves.   Thus, to help all of us find our place of balance, harmony and happiness. 

It is our belief and experience that we all have within us the potential to be happy and healthy.  It is possible to have a balanced and harmonious life. 

But in this sometimes confusing and challenging world, many of us find ourselves lost within the craziness of our own lives.  When this happens energies become displaced.  

It can feel like we just cannot make sense out of what is going on around us.  We can become a part of the craziness and sometimes feel like we are losing ourselves.  In this, we may seek out a quick fix or a magic pill.   But for most of us, this just doesn't change anything.  

What is Serenity House? 

In the Mists of Manchester,  Serenity House sits among the trees.  A place to find yourself again.  To find the inner self that is blissful & whole. 

Serenity House is a Sacred Place for healing and transformation.  

Some of our Healings incorporate:

Natural Healing Sessions
Healing Mandala Therapy TM
Reiki Sessions 
Shamanic Healings, Teachings.
Nutritional Guidance
Spiritual Counseling/Coaching
Ancient Shamanic Journey & Drumming Circles
Natural Healing Classes
Reiki Certification Courses
Ayurvedic Courses
Herbology Workshops
And so much more....

So come on in and take a Peaceful Stroll.....    

Please Visit Us On Facebook at:

'Serenity House Shamans' is a Sacred Place for Daily Inspiration on Facebook.  Go to Facebook and type in 'Serenity House Shamans' and ask to be a member.

Namaste.... In the Light of the Dharma,
Shamaness Whitefeather
Rev.Dr. Karen Whitefeather McCann

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